“When one bitch act up another bitch step up”

When one bitch act up, another bitch steps up.” The only one who don’t believe that is women. Why women disagree with that? Because they think that because they’re “good women” their man won’t seek the attention and the affection of another woman. They think that just because a man is doing his manly duties (provide for and take care of the home), they earned the right to act up. Basically bitches get comfortable. You should’ve listen to Beyonce really hard; don’t you ever think for a second that you’re irreplaceable. No man likes to be nagged everyday. U have side chicks out here willing to fight for the right to have u all to themselves. A woman that doesn’t have a man to come home to envy’s that woman. U have everything she wants happiness love and affection. When wifey starts to act up the other woman will become his stress reliever.

So you think that because you have the man and he’s the man, you think he won’t leave? That type of logic is meant for when you’re dealing with a clown and even then a clown knows his limits. When you’re acting up over something petty, do you really think he’s not looking at the woman that knows when to talk? While you’re fussing over the trash or the toilet seat, you think he’s not looking at the woman who smiles and nods at his words like he said something philosophical and deep?

Most women are quick to say, “There’s no good men out there.” If you had one, would you know how to treat him? I honestly doubt it. Media (and yes I blame the media) made women stupid. You pick stupid things to argue about to assert “dominance.” You let clown shit ride and wonder why you get played. When you have a good man, you chase him away with irrelevant nagging. A man can only take so much from a bitch that’s way too cozy.

Basically don’t get too comfortable. You may be number one, but a number two could always be nipping at your heels.

This final part is from a woman who sounds like she knows a thing or two about this.

There are ladies that’s just waiting for that other chick to slip up… It’s kinda like a race… I’m just waiting for you to pass me the baton. Once I get it… You other broads can relax… I’m finishing this race… While you nagging, tripping, being typical, not eating the dick right… I’m practicing my kegels, controlling my gag reflex, Nd brushing up on my culinary skills.. Once you out of the game ma, I got my game face on. I’m stepping up to the plate ready to hit that home run… My advice is don’t act up boo… Men don’t really ask for much… Cuz trust, theres a chick studying and waiting to tap into the game…




“Valentines Day: Lonely Women, Rose Petals, And Cold Champagne”


The media puts so much hype on Valentine’s day that a lot of single women get depressed. Now it’s nothing wrong with a desire to be in a loving relationship but, lately I have started to take notice that far too many single, unattached women are depressed, lonely and heartsick over their status, especially during Valentine’s Day. This one particular holiday can bring forth feelings that will have women feeling like their not love for weeks. I know u just want to crawl under the covers and pretend like this day doesn’t exist but u can’t you can give a big thank you to retailers for those feelings. A lot of women will put up a front and say oh I’m not worried about Valentine’s day. The majority of the time she’s lying she wants to get things on that day because, other women are getting things too I find that rather childish. You have women in denial that will continue to say they are not depressed. Meanwhile they are waiting for that white night to come and save them with flowers, a bottle of wine, and some chocolate covered strawberries. Look at this day as a regular day take time to woo yourself and also make your own tradition on that day if u are single every year to avoid going crazy. Some women get manicures and pedicures done to escape that V-Day madness and remember Valentine’s day is a made up holiday don’t look too much into it. I see so many depressed Tweets and Facebook statuses on that day I don’t know where to begin, I know most women would rather have passionate intercourse on that day but unfortunately they have to rely on some fresh Duracell batteries and their “Bullet”. On Feb 14th some ladies will finally get conformation that they are the side chick but, I will save that for a later blog. The question I really want to ask is how loving are your with yourself? Would u want to date yourself? So many people let movies and reality shows fill up their head with nonsense like it’s just some magical person out here waiting to meet u so that u can be in a relationship. Do me a favor and come back to reality life is deeper than an episode of “Sex And The City” I think if it was that easy then we all would be in that perfect situation. To my lonely women start focusing on self and learn how to be fully committed to appreciating, loving and accepting yourself.

“Some Of Y’all Niggas Are Bitches Too”

“Some of y’all niggas are bitches too”

When ice t rapped these lyrics did he have ghetto-telepathy that the 90’s would produce an entire generation of men that would wear skinny jeans and furry uggs, while listening to their favorite artist singing lyrics telling them go through their girls phone?

It’s simply as this men should not have trust issues. Those traits are reserved for us women. We are those ones that read every tweet, mention, and hit that convo button to see exactly what that “ok” response was for. We will read the entire tl of chick we think even kinda like our man. It’s sad, but it happens. No way did I ever think that men participate in these type of actions. There are far to many lonely half naked women on twitter sending out subtle invites to her vagina via dm for men to worry about another man on twitter. This new nigga activity has been on going for a while but it hit 10.5 on the Richter Scale when a chic tweeted that her man, whom she lives with, put a tracking device on her car. I read those words and could do nothing but shake my head. Amazing. Not only had he been tracking her whereabouts, but he also had made a twitter account just to see who she was tweeting all day. No way did he have father growing up. No man with a father would have ever been sitting behind a phony Avi reading his girl TL. That time would have been spent camped out in the DMs of a chick tweeting about needing a massage. She even complained that she awoke to a completely disabled iPhone, because he spent the entire night putting in the wrong password. You know you can’t any testosterone in your body to put in the wrong password wait 5 minutes, do it again , 30 minutes, do it again. Nah. This shit is out of hand. Bring the manly men back. My advice to her leave. No way could I stay with a man that has bitch tendencies. He is the type that would let you give him head, and ask for a finger in his ass. The type that will argue with his girl and allow her to call him a bitch without even flenching at her. Worse she might get pregnant and have a son that would have these same genes flowing through his body and then the cycle of bitch nigga would continue to on generation after generation.


“Passcodes and Lurking”

“And this girl right here, who knows what she knows? So I’m going through her phone if she go to the bathroom.”- Drake

Damn Aubrey, not you too…

I don’t know how else to put this but to just come out and say it. Real Men Don’t Go Through A Woman’s Phone. Point, Blank, Period. If you have insecurities or trust issues with your significant other then you really shouldn’t even be in a relationship. Trust is the foundation for longevity. Without it everything else is dead. Your partner is supposed to be the one that you can . Think about it, if you put a lock on your phone what type of message are you sending out? The first thing a nigga like me is gonna think is what are you trying to hide? The passcode issue is a big issue if u are in a serious committed relationship with someone then locking your phone is not cool. Your girlfriend or boyfriend is not a child this is not a filter on what channel they can watch, so what do u have to hide that is a huge red flag.

Once a woman has decided to indulge her paranoid fantasies, chances are good she’s going to find what she’s looking for, even if it isn’t there. Sneaking behind anyone just to look into their phone screams insecurity. I never understood why people had to log behind your back and lurk to find answers. If your significant other has a history of hiding things behind your back, and not communicating with u then u shot yourself in the foot if u continued to allow it.

Something to always remember relationships are difficult. Relationships require a balance between being close, and connected while also respecting a partner’s privacy and sense of independence. Invading someones privacy is demonstrating a complete lack of trust. One thing people will have to understand is that man/woman there are things that motivate your man/woman behavior. Insecurities could come from past relationships and most women are the ones that end up getting hurt. All I can say is when u go snooping u will find something u don’t like or u won’t find anything. Take Care people, and continue to be faithful to your significant other because a relationship with secrets won’t make it.




“She look like a star but only on insta only on insta only on insta” -@MrSmith120

Let’s just put the full court press on this issue and cut right to the chase. Twitter and Instagram enables the filthiest of niggas and females alike to sit in the comfort of their own home and lust off of what they might possibly never get the chance at attaining. Granted, there are other apps and social networking sites that let you venture into the lives of others but nothing compares to these two. But before we continue, Android users and Blackberry owners will never appreciate the true value of Instagram. It’s availability to you is nonexistent and to be perfectly honest, we hope it stays that way.

To get those of you up to speed on what it truly is that your missing out on, let’s take a quick gander at said app. Instagram in its current form allows you to upload pictures of your choosing and add any type of filter to it. This feature takes a pic thats on simmer all the way to boiling over the pot hot in a matter of seconds. We’ve personally witnessed pictures that makes you question the validity of your own relationship. Yes, it’s that REAL. The authenticity of this app has yet to be matched by another. But as stated before, only iPhone users can relate to what really is being discussed.
With pics of that caliber in circulation it’s easy to see why people are out here throwing their dignity out the window. Dudes especially are driving full speed into these women’s profile with no seatbelt on.

Let’s get into the term “Thirst Trap” when one of your female followers on instagram or twitter puts up a pic that is considered a trap u hesitate to hit the like button or tweet them about it. Fellas sometimes u just have to look at it enjoy it for what it is; and keep it moving u better believe wifey watches that “like button” activity. Instead of displaying the thirst on the timeline send her a DM so she know it’s real. The only thing with instagram though there is no DM feature yet so u have to relax and keep your thirst to a minimum.

The type of pics that are uploaded on twitter and instagram are welcomed by me but I will never and I repeat never approve of my queen setting thirst traps. Now When that one follower (no one in particular) uploads a pic of her lips with Red lipstick (or any other color) on them and those breast all u can do is just stare and smile. Some women that upload those pics are saved by the filter the filter is a life saver; but if she can upload a pic without the filter and pull it off even with a few flaws shes official.

All real niggas have sent that “Hey” DM when that twitter Avi or that instagram pic went up though. Now all thirst ain’t good thirst sometimes u might get ignored so choose wisely who u are sending those messages or who pics u are commenting on. One major rule that all men should follow don’t abuse the thirst with a comment on everything. But I’m done with this topic just wanted to have a little bit of fun with it.

“Bitter Women And Why Men Ain’t Shit”

“These niggas (Men) ain’t shit” -Bitter Women A Quote from the homie “Bitches who are still saying all men ain’t shit in 2011are the same bitches who don’t know their fathers” -@Bigmarq54 Man I always hear this one infamous complaint either in the real world or the twitter world from women from time to time “Men Ain’t Shit”. So many angry women won’t even allow fathers to enjoy Fathers Day because of hurt feelings. I can’t hold all men accountable for that “ain’t shit” man but being honest some of us do exist. It’s a lot of shitty men & women out here, and people fall into traps all the time that’s just a chance we take when we let our guards down. Some of this men ain’t shit talk comes from scorned and bitter women, and so many women walk around in society everyday wearing their bitterness it’s disgusting. I will have to agree with this though some of u women have had some horrible experiences with men and i understand why u react to certain things. The only thing I ask for ladies is please do not allow your anger and bitterness to dictate how u interact with others. Some women will let a man do the same thing to her two or three times, and sometimes she will allow multiple men to get away with. Once u allow your man to mess up once, and u give him another chance because u accept that as a mistake you are already pushing it. So when he fucks up after that the blame is on u. I know sometimes there aren’t any warning signs, but u have to pay attention to little things that leads up to that moment when u feel like u were caught by surprise. Ladies don’t blame every man for what was done to you by the man or men in your past that’s not fair at all. Then this is another issue some women want to take care of the so called ain’t shit man. U want to shower him with gifts cosign for car notes buy video games and the latest Gucci or Louis shoe, and still get treated like shit u are enabling him. Ain’t nothing worse than an enabler ladies remember that maybe the dick is a drug, or u just want to be alone or maybe u just ain’t shit and u both are meant for each other. some men aint shit. If every man you end up with eventually falls into that category that men ain’t shit then maybe you need to hit the reset button on yourself, and find out what are u looking for in a man because some of u truly do not have a clue u say u do but u don’t. Before I’m done remember this ladies you have all the power, but a lot of women don’t know they have it or even know how to use it. At the end of the day we are all running game on each other it’s more to it besides sex that’s when things get interesting peace and blessings people.



“Women Please Know Your Worth”

This blog entry is for the ladies I will be focusing on why women need to recognize their value. It starts with a woman’s upbringing I believe a woman’s father and mother or who is ever around should remind her of her worth everyday. Your mother should always remind u that u deserve the best and should never compromise or settle for anything less. I believe that a woman should always know that they have the upper hand and anybody you allow to enter into your personal space should know that it is a privilege to be there. One thing that is true is that men and women want everything right away. It takes time to even know if people are compatible, if we want the same things. One of greatest attributes a woman could possess is the ability to not be desperate. Women can get so into the Awe of a man and not realize their own self-worth. There are too many beautiful women out here putting a price on themselves and they eventually settle for less. First and foremost God should always be first in anything always remember God is where it begins and ends. I love a woman who respects herself, trusts her instincts, loves herself for who she is, and has her own opinions. There is more to a woman other than her beautiful eyes and gorgeous lips God will lead u in the right path to find that man who deserves u, but u have to listen to him and follow exactly what he is saying to you. There are so many men that will never recognize a woman’s worth because of their immaturity and ignorance to the female species. The fact that I worship the ground that the Black Woman walks on I will never let my ignorance lead me into the wrong path to forgetting what my Queen is worth. Our women in the present time put a value on themselves so high that no one (man) is actually worth it. The problem here is that most women don’t even realize that their worth to us men is more than just their beauty and curves, and that is why so many ladies are out here lost in the world. Be confident in yourself and your attributes and realize that you are perfect just the way you are, and that you know exactly how you should be treated and you are not willing to accept anything less. Peace I’m out.

“The Body Count Stereotype”

This blog is about the stereotype of the body count theory from the perspective from a man and woman. Someone’s body count could also depend on what age they started at, and if u started having sex a year ago and your body count is 20 people then you’re a hoe. People always say multiply a woman’s body count times 3 because they always lie about shit, so I wonder what would women multiply a man’s body count by then. One of my followers (Female) on twitter said having casual sex with different men make u a ho. One of my male followers said if your body count is your age plus 5 you a hoe. They say men are whores by nature and women are whores if they have slept with a lot of guys, but if a man has slept with 10 or more women he gets praised. Most women say they prefer Quality of Quantity because they don’t want the stereotype of being called a whore, but then u have some that prefer to sleep with random guys I can’t knock them though that’s their choice. Society was influenced to believe that your body count makes u a hoe (referring to women). They say men go hunting and women get caught when referring to our body count, and most things that are too easy to catch ain’t worth too much. Some Women expect their man to have a high body count, due to the nature that they think every woman wants her man… because some women don’t want a man who no other woman wants. I was told that some women are turned off by a dude who has a low body count or a body count lower than theirs. According to people if u are inexperienced it’s not in your favor, and if you have too much experience it turns some people off. Now I can speak for myself Mr Smith is choosy about who he gives the dick to…not everyone (women) is worth a good dick down. Controlling your body count is all about self-control I know how to control my dick, and that men are dogs myth is total bullshit. Back to the women if a woman sleeps with 20 dudes that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of her body that’s a stupid logic. One thing I can’t argue with a woman about is that men don’t value relationships like women do. That statement is true on so many levels that explains why over the years most of us guys accumulate a serious body count. People have asked people about how many people they have slept with after they have had sex with the person. Never ask someone after u have had sex with them about the past partners u are opening up the door for drama. Women tend to ask a lot and get their feelings hurt and look at u like u are a womanizer, but I live by this don’t ask don’t tell. Once u have laid down with her/him u have become a another victim (body) bottom line now not to make it sound bad, but it’s the truth now your only job to do now is to either keep them or lose them. I’m done with this topic for right now but always remember this Don’t ask me what my body count is Bro.

“Why Relationships Get Ruined Through Social Networking Part 1”

Every so often I will see people on social networking sites say “ If I had a boyfriend/girlfriend” they would not have a face book/twitter etc. I do not believe that Social Networking sites, can solely ruin a relationship, but if either party is being dishonest then eventually u will get caught up. The truth will come to light and it might come to light in front of all of your friends either in front of their computer or cell phone. We don’t carefully think before we tweet or update a status. Our update could be something that was intended to be completely harmless but to an insecure boyfriend/girlfriend or friend it could come across as flirtatious, vulgar or inappropriate to others reading. If u are in a relationship bottom line stay out of someones Inbox or DM box twitter/face book. Also be aware of the company we keep on these social networking sites. Everyone who is following us, does not have our best interest in hand. U have your people who are lurking they are the who don’t want your relationship to succeed. Don’t give them what they want. something’s are not for the internet. It seems like as soon as u start fucking someone they believe that almost every face book status or tweet is about them. People tend to have trust issues which was already there before the social networks. The social network just gave them more time to lurk and spy on their partner. If u are having those problems then i believe u and your partner should talk about it. On twitter we hit women with the “Hey Boo” or “Check Ya Dm” which is mainly a joke but some people take it to heart. If we tweet certain women everyday people take it as we are fucking or we have fucked. Now in some cases that could be true depending on the situation. Number one rule never let your current chick know who u fucked in the past if u are following them on twitter. Telling her that could lead to more drama and more lurking and maybe checking your phone or hacking your account……… To Be Continued