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“The Body Count Stereotype”

This blog is about the stereotype of the body count theory from the perspective from a man and woman. Someone’s body count could also depend on what age they started at, and if u started having sex a year ago and your body count is 20 people then you’re a hoe. People always say multiply a woman’s body count times 3 because they always lie about shit, so I wonder what would women multiply a man’s body count by then. One of my followers (Female) on twitter said having casual sex with different men make u a ho. One of my male followers said if your body count is your age plus 5 you a hoe. They say men are whores by nature and women are whores if they have slept with a lot of guys, but if a man has slept with 10 or more women he gets praised. Most women say they prefer Quality of Quantity because they don’t want the stereotype of being called a whore, but then u have some that prefer to sleep with random guys I can’t knock them though that’s their choice. Society was influenced to believe that your body count makes u a hoe (referring to women). They say men go hunting and women get caught when referring to our body count, and most things that are too easy to catch ain’t worth too much. Some Women expect their man to have a high body count, due to the nature that they think every woman wants her man… because some women don’t want a man who no other woman wants. I was told that some women are turned off by a dude who has a low body count or a body count lower than theirs. According to people if u are inexperienced it’s not in your favor, and if you have too much experience it turns some people off. Now I can speak for myself Mr Smith is choosy about who he gives the dick to…not everyone (women) is worth a good dick down. Controlling your body count is all about self-control I know how to control my dick, and that men are dogs myth is total bullshit. Back to the women if a woman sleeps with 20 dudes that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of her body that’s a stupid logic. One thing I can’t argue with a woman about is that men don’t value relationships like women do. That statement is true on so many levels that explains why over the years most of us guys accumulate a serious body count. People have asked people about how many people they have slept with after they have had sex with the person. Never ask someone after u have had sex with them about the past partners u are opening up the door for drama. Women tend to ask a lot and get their feelings hurt and look at u like u are a womanizer, but I live by this don’t ask don’t tell. Once u have laid down with her/him u have become a another victim (body) bottom line now not to make it sound bad, but it’s the truth now your only job to do now is to either keep them or lose them. I’m done with this topic for right now but always remember this Don’t ask me what my body count is Bro.


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4 responses to ““The Body Count Stereotype”

  1. md20737

    A large body count for a women does make her a hoe in societies eyes even if she does not care!! There is no getting around it. I personally think if you cant control whats between your legs at some point in your life you have issues. Sometimes we go into heat I understand that, but decades of heat makes you a hoe no getting around it. A large body count for men in my eyes makes him unattractive, if everyone’s had it why do I want it.

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  3. Jinx ⋅

    I am here looking for answers. My biggest curiosity is this: What number is too high for a woman? I want to know the range of what is considered low/average/high body counts. It fascinates me.

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