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“She look like a star but only on insta only on insta only on insta” -@MrSmith120

Let’s just put the full court press on this issue and cut right to the chase. Twitter and Instagram enables the filthiest of niggas and females alike to sit in the comfort of their own home and lust off of what they might possibly never get the chance at attaining. Granted, there are other apps and social networking sites that let you venture into the lives of others but nothing compares to these two. But before we continue, Android users and Blackberry owners will never appreciate the true value of Instagram. It’s availability to you is nonexistent and to be perfectly honest, we hope it stays that way.

To get those of you up to speed on what it truly is that your missing out on, let’s take a quick gander at said app. Instagram in its current form allows you to upload pictures of your choosing and add any type of filter to it. This feature takes a pic thats on simmer all the way to boiling over the pot hot in a matter of seconds. We’ve personally witnessed pictures that makes you question the validity of your own relationship. Yes, it’s that REAL. The authenticity of this app has yet to be matched by another. But as stated before, only iPhone users can relate to what really is being discussed.
With pics of that caliber in circulation it’s easy to see why people are out here throwing their dignity out the window. Dudes especially are driving full speed into these women’s profile with no seatbelt on.

Let’s get into the term “Thirst Trap” when one of your female followers on instagram or twitter puts up a pic that is considered a trap u hesitate to hit the like button or tweet them about it. Fellas sometimes u just have to look at it enjoy it for what it is; and keep it moving u better believe wifey watches that “like button” activity. Instead of displaying the thirst on the timeline send her a DM so she know it’s real. The only thing with instagram though there is no DM feature yet so u have to relax and keep your thirst to a minimum.

The type of pics that are uploaded on twitter and instagram are welcomed by me but I will never and I repeat never approve of my queen setting thirst traps. Now When that one follower (no one in particular) uploads a pic of her lips with Red lipstick (or any other color) on them and those breast all u can do is just stare and smile. Some women that upload those pics are saved by the filter the filter is a life saver; but if she can upload a pic without the filter and pull it off even with a few flaws shes official.

All real niggas have sent that “Hey” DM when that twitter Avi or that instagram pic went up though. Now all thirst ain’t good thirst sometimes u might get ignored so choose wisely who u are sending those messages or who pics u are commenting on. One major rule that all men should follow don’t abuse the thirst with a comment on everything. But I’m done with this topic just wanted to have a little bit of fun with it.


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    Men on Instagram with the thirst traps as well….@__________

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