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“When one bitch act up another bitch step up”

When one bitch act up, another bitch steps up.” The only one who don’t believe that is women. Why women disagree with that? Because they think that because they’re “good women” their man won’t seek the attention and the affection of another woman. They think that just because a man is doing his manly duties (provide for and take care of the home), they earned the right to act up. Basically bitches get comfortable. You should’ve listen to Beyonce really hard; don’t you ever think for a second that you’re irreplaceable. No man likes to be nagged everyday. U have side chicks out here willing to fight for the right to have u all to themselves. A woman that doesn’t have a man to come home to envy’s that woman. U have everything she wants happiness love and affection. When wifey starts to act up the other woman will become his stress reliever.

So you think that because you have the man and he’s the man, you think he won’t leave? That type of logic is meant for when you’re dealing with a clown and even then a clown knows his limits. When you’re acting up over something petty, do you really think he’s not looking at the woman that knows when to talk? While you’re fussing over the trash or the toilet seat, you think he’s not looking at the woman who smiles and nods at his words like he said something philosophical and deep?

Most women are quick to say, “There’s no good men out there.” If you had one, would you know how to treat him? I honestly doubt it. Media (and yes I blame the media) made women stupid. You pick stupid things to argue about to assert “dominance.” You let clown shit ride and wonder why you get played. When you have a good man, you chase him away with irrelevant nagging. A man can only take so much from a bitch that’s way too cozy.

Basically don’t get too comfortable. You may be number one, but a number two could always be nipping at your heels.

This final part is from a woman who sounds like she knows a thing or two about this.

There are ladies that’s just waiting for that other chick to slip up… It’s kinda like a race… I’m just waiting for you to pass me the baton. Once I get it… You other broads can relax… I’m finishing this race… While you nagging, tripping, being typical, not eating the dick right… I’m practicing my kegels, controlling my gag reflex, Nd brushing up on my culinary skills.. Once you out of the game ma, I got my game face on. I’m stepping up to the plate ready to hit that home run… My advice is don’t act up boo… Men don’t really ask for much… Cuz trust, theres a chick studying and waiting to tap into the game…




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