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“Women Please Know Your Worth”

This blog entry is for the ladies I will be focusing on why women need to recognize their value. It starts with a woman’s upbringing I believe a woman’s father and mother or who is ever around should remind her of her worth everyday. Your mother should always remind u that u deserve the best and should never compromise or settle for anything less. I believe that a woman should always know that they have the upper hand and anybody you allow to enter into your personal space should know that it is a privilege to be there. One thing that is true is that men and women want everything right away. It takes time to even know if people are compatible, if we want the same things. One of greatest attributes a woman could possess is the ability to not be desperate. Women can get so into the Awe of a man and not realize their own self-worth. There are too many beautiful women out here putting a price on themselves and they eventually settle for less. First and foremost God should always be first in anything always remember God is where it begins and ends. I love a woman who respects herself, trusts her instincts, loves herself for who she is, and has her own opinions. There is more to a woman other than her beautiful eyes and gorgeous lips God will lead u in the right path to find that man who deserves u, but u have to listen to him and follow exactly what he is saying to you. There are so many men that will never recognize a woman’s worth because of their immaturity and ignorance to the female species. The fact that I worship the ground that the Black Woman walks on I will never let my ignorance lead me into the wrong path to forgetting what my Queen is worth. Our women in the present time put a value on themselves so high that no one (man) is actually worth it. The problem here is that most women don’t even realize that their worth to us men is more than just their beauty and curves, and that is why so many ladies are out here lost in the world. Be confident in yourself and your attributes and realize that you are perfect just the way you are, and that you know exactly how you should be treated and you are not willing to accept anything less. Peace I’m out.


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5 responses to ““Women Please Know Your Worth”

  1. md20737 ⋅

    That was beautiful!!!

  2. Roxy ⋅

    Very beatuiful..Thank You.

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