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“Valentines Day: Lonely Women, Rose Petals, And Cold Champagne”


The media puts so much hype on Valentine’s day that a lot of single women get depressed. Now it’s nothing wrong with a desire to be in a loving relationship but, lately I have started to take notice that far too many single, unattached women are depressed, lonely and heartsick over their status, especially during Valentine’s Day. This one particular holiday can bring forth feelings that will have women feeling like their not love for weeks. I know u just want to crawl under the covers and pretend like this day doesn’t exist but u can’t you can give a big thank you to retailers for those feelings. A lot of women will put up a front and say oh I’m not worried about Valentine’s day. The majority of the time she’s lying she wants to get things on that day because, other women are getting things too I find that rather childish. You have women in denial that will continue to say they are not depressed. Meanwhile they are waiting for that white night to come and save them with flowers, a bottle of wine, and some chocolate covered strawberries. Look at this day as a regular day take time to woo yourself and also make your own tradition on that day if u are single every year to avoid going crazy. Some women get manicures and pedicures done to escape that V-Day madness and remember Valentine’s day is a made up holiday don’t look too much into it. I see so many depressed Tweets and Facebook statuses on that day I don’t know where to begin, I know most women would rather have passionate intercourse on that day but unfortunately they have to rely on some fresh Duracell batteries and their “Bullet”. On Feb 14th some ladies will finally get conformation that they are the side chick but, I will save that for a later blog. The question I really want to ask is how loving are your with yourself? Would u want to date yourself? So many people let movies and reality shows fill up their head with nonsense like it’s just some magical person out here waiting to meet u so that u can be in a relationship. Do me a favor and come back to reality life is deeper than an episode of “Sex And The City” I think if it was that easy then we all would be in that perfect situation. To my lonely women start focusing on self and learn how to be fully committed to appreciating, loving and accepting yourself.


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One response to ““Valentines Day: Lonely Women, Rose Petals, And Cold Champagne”

  1. Magzo ⋅

    Great words, i mean who said if your single it’s the end of the road. Use that period to reflect of yourself, love yourself love being with yourself enjoy your time, there may be things youve always wanted to do but never got a chance now its the time. Lastly DO NOT be bitter when lmost all your good friends are in relationships.

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