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“Bitter Women And Why Men Ain’t Shit”

“These niggas (Men) ain’t shit” -Bitter Women A Quote from the homie “Bitches who are still saying all men ain’t shit in 2011are the same bitches who don’t know their fathers” -@Bigmarq54 Man I always hear this one infamous complaint either in the real world or the twitter world from women from time to time “Men Ain’t Shit”. So many angry women won’t even allow fathers to enjoy Fathers Day because of hurt feelings. I can’t hold all men accountable for that “ain’t shit” man but being honest some of us do exist. It’s a lot of shitty men & women out here, and people fall into traps all the time that’s just a chance we take when we let our guards down. Some of this men ain’t shit talk comes from scorned and bitter women, and so many women walk around in society everyday wearing their bitterness it’s disgusting. I will have to agree with this though some of u women have had some horrible experiences with men and i understand why u react to certain things. The only thing I ask for ladies is please do not allow your anger and bitterness to dictate how u interact with others. Some women will let a man do the same thing to her two or three times, and sometimes she will allow multiple men to get away with. Once u allow your man to mess up once, and u give him another chance because u accept that as a mistake you are already pushing it. So when he fucks up after that the blame is on u. I know sometimes there aren’t any warning signs, but u have to pay attention to little things that leads up to that moment when u feel like u were caught by surprise. Ladies don’t blame every man for what was done to you by the man or men in your past that’s not fair at all. Then this is another issue some women want to take care of the so called ain’t shit man. U want to shower him with gifts cosign for car notes buy video games and the latest Gucci or Louis shoe, and still get treated like shit u are enabling him. Ain’t nothing worse than an enabler ladies remember that maybe the dick is a drug, or u just want to be alone or maybe u just ain’t shit and u both are meant for each other. some men aint shit. If every man you end up with eventually falls into that category that men ain’t shit then maybe you need to hit the reset button on yourself, and find out what are u looking for in a man because some of u truly do not have a clue u say u do but u don’t. Before I’m done remember this ladies you have all the power, but a lot of women don’t know they have it or even know how to use it. At the end of the day we are all running game on each other it’s more to it besides sex that’s when things get interesting peace and blessings people.




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