“The Missing Black Father”

This following blog will focus on the absent black father in today’s society. First and foremost I am a young black father myself fatherhood is a wonderful thing. The day I seen my son birthed my life changed instantly. That blessing from god made me focus on the bigger picture but I will talk about myself later let me focus on my fellow black men. Fatherlessness has been one of the greatest challenges and social epidemics of our time. Fathers can be physically or emotionally absent in their children’s lives for many reasons, and all of them hurt. It can come from death, divorce, abandonment, prolonged work-related absences, or abuse. Common stereotypes portray black fathers as being largely absent from their families. Many black father don’t marry their child’s mother but many continue to parent through cohabitation and visitation, providing care taking, financial, and other in-kind support. The problem now in the present day we are in dying need of more responsible father’s. One setback in the black community is the criminal justice system which has so many of our young black fathers stuck in it. Now I understand that it is already a struggle in society for a black man anyway but we are making matters worse by becoming a part of the system. Once a black man is in the system the job market is really fucked up so that leaves him with only a few options. I’m not gonna say it is the right thing to do but u have to be a provider. Then u have the black men that are not in the system that choose otherwise to take care of their responsibility. Our black men are out here creating new lives and not owning up for them. We are denying future lawyers, doctors, congress men or women that father and child bond. Now I understand that some parents won’t end up being together because they had a child but be there for your child. your child needs that security to know that daddy is there no matter what. Fatherhood is a must because fathers play a vital role in the growth and stability of our nation’s children. A lot of black fathers don’t live with their kids but the important thing is this communication. Our job as a father is to make sure that we communicate with our kid’s everyday believe me it makes a big difference when your child hears your voice. Some of us get caught up in that generational curse by not having our father around and we tend to do the same thing to our kid’s. My child gives me balance which everyone needs in life. Being absence in your daughter’s life will really hurt her in the future as a man u have to protect, encourage and lovingly challenged your daughter. Boys suffer most from the absence or non involvement of fathers. Boys without fathers are twice as likely to drop out of school, twice as likely to go to jail and nearly four times as likely to need treatment for emotional and behavioral. At the end of the day we need more Active Fathers instead of Absent Fathers. Peace


“Why Does She Follow U On Twitter?”

This following post contains the thoughts of me and a few of my friends. They wanted to remain anonymous so I will respect that. So this whole social networking experience has been good in so many ways but some people have had a bad experience though. It all started with Black Planet, Myspace, and Facebook. Once this new wave came called Twitter popped up it took us all by storm. So let’s get into this subject about why does she follow u on twitter. Women are more likely to follow men on twitter. Most of the activity is focused around women men follow content produced by women they do and do not know. A simple tweet could turn into a retweet by various people and that is when the trouble starts. She could simply look at your profile pic check u out and then hit that infamous follow button. It could be a number of reasons why she is following u could be a celebrity etc, she could simply want some dick, could find u attractive, could be looking for a friend, could know a mutual friend, or she could just be nosy. As a man your natural instinct is to go ahead and check out her twitpics. U want to make sure she’s legit before u attempt to slide up into her direct message box what we call on twitter the DM. After a few days she might start retweeting u and hitting u with the usual “LOL” “LMAO” or whatever else it is. Like extra said on twitter “if u Lol me three times U Owe Me Sex”. Once those abbreviations start to pop up in your mentions everyday u basically have a shot at the box. Gone are the days of people meeting each other organically anymore. So twitter is what the club, highschool, or college is a place for us to socially connect with each other. She might have seen u tweet about sex and she became thirsty by just one innocent retweet but according to twitter logic the men are the thirsty ones. True story I remember someone telling me a few of my tweets made her curious but I didn’t take the bait I just laughed it off. SO now u and this woman are communicating on a daily basis throughout the timeline and u might occasionally send each other a DM. When people see the tweet check ya DM they immediately think that u are about to go through the struggle of attempting to get the number. Out of curiosity u eventually ask for the number and received it once u have accomplished that u are in there like swim wear. Remember this though fellas it’s acceptable when u are a single man to ask for the number through the DM. Now if u are in a relationship u have to chill I don’t think any woman with the right mind would accept that. Note to the wise women use screen cap like it’s their best friend. Now if u are already in a relationship with someone the best thing u can do is relax on twitter because wifey is always watching. Don’t get caught up in these twitter streets and fuck up something good because of some random twitter box. Also be aware your lady could get one of her friends to follow u and allow u to entertain her before she pulls the sheet up and catch u slipping. Take your steps wisely but remember women follow u on twitter with all type of reasons some have a hidden agenda and some don’t. At the end of the day u are all networking even if she is handing the box out through twitter. We can just call that the “Networking Box” Until next time have fun people peace.

“The Friend Zone”

This blog is random but I feel like it needed to be addressed so let’s get it started. There is a dating term which can be described as the Friend Zone or the Friendship Zone. Some people want to become intimate and some people prefer to be friends. Some of us men would meet a woman and we would do everything that a boyfriend would do without the benefits. Men & women start friendships with intentions point-blank period. A lot of guys get stuck into the friend zone and eventually it turns into A platonic relationship without sex. Now I’m a male so if I’m dealing with a woman I want to eventually explore her physical side, Now u can be aggressive but not overly aggressive when it comes to making your moves. Try something like rubbing her elbows & shoulders shit give her a Full Body Massage she might like it. Now u have your guys that can’t avoid the friend zone at all and they can’t get any pussy because of it. No man wants to hear the words “Let’s just be friends’ . Don’t be too nice and too accommodating at times. A lot of people get caught up into walking around eggshells with people. Avoid using the sayings  Oh, yeah, exactly, totally, I completely agree. If u are not aggressive enough with her trust and believe she will give up on seeing u as a romantic prospect. Don’t hesitate to touch her do it lightly and often women want that. So here are some tips for u flirt with her u need to show her that u are sexually attracted to her. Don’t agree with her on everything disagree with her sometimes shit if she wanted someone to agree with she would hang around her girlfriends. Show this lady that u can be the leader once u accomplish that she sees potential in u. Now if things get a little hectic then your next step is getting out of the friend zone from another approach. First and foremost leave her alone by basically giving her some space make her miss u she might assume that u have met someone by now because that is what most women would do it’s natural. Start spending time with other women so that she can become jealous it’s all part of the game. If u can do that then u would have already made your step into having her all to yourself. Sometimes u have to back away before u make a fool of yourself remember the ball is in your court men don’t fail.