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“Passcodes and Lurking”

“And this girl right here, who knows what she knows? So I’m going through her phone if she go to the bathroom.”- Drake

Damn Aubrey, not you too…

I don’t know how else to put this but to just come out and say it. Real Men Don’t Go Through A Woman’s Phone. Point, Blank, Period. If you have insecurities or trust issues with your significant other then you really shouldn’t even be in a relationship. Trust is the foundation for longevity. Without it everything else is dead. Your partner is supposed to be the one that you can . Think about it, if you put a lock on your phone what type of message are you sending out? The first thing a nigga like me is gonna think is what are you trying to hide? The passcode issue is a big issue if u are in a serious committed relationship with someone then locking your phone is not cool. Your girlfriend or boyfriend is not a child this is not a filter on what channel they can watch, so what do u have to hide that is a huge red flag.

Once a woman has decided to indulge her paranoid fantasies, chances are good she’s going to find what she’s looking for, even if it isn’t there. Sneaking behind anyone just to look into their phone screams insecurity. I never understood why people had to log behind your back and lurk to find answers. If your significant other has a history of hiding things behind your back, and not communicating with u then u shot yourself in the foot if u continued to allow it.

Something to always remember relationships are difficult. Relationships require a balance between being close, and connected while also respecting a partner’s privacy and sense of independence. Invading someones privacy is demonstrating a complete lack of trust. One thing people will have to understand is that man/woman there are things that motivate your man/woman behavior. Insecurities could come from past relationships and most women are the ones that end up getting hurt. All I can say is when u go snooping u will find something u don’t like or u won’t find anything. Take Care people, and continue to be faithful to your significant other because a relationship with secrets won’t make it.




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